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You are able to
change the world

The Hub Contribute to the needs
of the customers, users, inventors
and entrepreneurs.

The HUB-Idea

From the initial already innovative design the actual table top can be made from any material. Preferably shape as well as material choice will reflect the company's business and activities. THE HUB will be designed in close collaboration with the customer making it a one of a kind and adapted to the specific needs and wishes of you, the inspired customer.

Process of innovation & decision making, well facilitated

The days of the process of never ending innovation are over. Nowadays innovation and decision making need a certain timeframe limitation. The 21st century needs innovation and real useful market results for products and services in a continuously on-going process. So, the first results of an innovative product or services will generate an amount of money supporting further innovation and expanding of the business opportunity. In the beginning partly stimulated by external funding and hopefully partly self-propelling.
Such a process needs an inspiring facilitation by high-end professionals who are able to support and accelerate the process of innovation and decision making. This by systematic approach and use of various tools but also by personally challenging the innovative audience to make choices that are game changing. Also, a matter of use of the right psychology insights & tools. The HUB-Idea knows that innovative individuals are “multi-colored”. Basically, the ground position of innovative individuals is; yellow, blue, red and green. Yellow: The creative ones, Blue: Content based ones, Red: The result driven ones, Green: The service and caretaking ones.

Understanding these personal ground positions the team must be selected with respect to the goal that it is aiming for. Also, understanding the nature of the opposite colors will encourage and support each other.