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Everything starts with
an idea.

The Hub customized
to your personal needs.

The HUB-Idea

From the initial already innovative design the actual table top can be made from any material. Preferably shape as well as material choice will reflect the company's business and activities. THE HUB will be designed in close collaboration with the customer making it a one of a kind and adapted to the specific needs and wishes of you, the inspired customer.

Customization of the innovative environment to your needs

So, the environment needs to reflect the needs of the innovative minds The design HUB-table will be always different, different shapes, different materials, different production methods and assembly technologies. Including different multimedia solutions. Customer specific but in the innovative and challenging way. Be surprised.

The special and iconic design of table top and the integrated seats is customer specific and can be produced of any high-end and durable materials. The HUB-Idea prefers to customize your table-seat setting to the needs of your company, institute or team. Typical materials used are; Korean, HiMax, stainless steel, wood inlay, oak, steel, coated steel, stainless steel etc. as well as wooden frames for the seat design combined with real or artificial leather with imprints, or any other durable fabric. Nevertheless, it is possible and preferred to choose your own materials, preferably materials your company produces. The HUB-Idea table-seat design can be manufactured form any material and in any shape.

The HUB-Idea table-Seat setting can be combined with any multimedia equipment. From simple plug and wiring systems (230V, USB-5V, HDMI, wireless, cable or inductive etc) towards the most innovative presentation, visualization and sound solutions. Including holographic visualization.