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The Hub Contribute to the needs
of the customers, users, inventors
and entrepreneurs.

The Hub - idea

“Creating a highly inspiring environment and open atmosphere where enthusiastic individuals are able to freely express their ideas and stimulate their creativity, share their knowledge and vision and contributing to a large extent to a sparkling innovation process”. This in a high-end environment and pleasant setting and professionally challenged by local and/or global professional leads.

The iconic Table-Seat setting (The product/The Service)

The HUB-Idea creates an environment based upon an innovative seating and design concept where creative ideas are expressed, shared, valued and challenged. It will make people feel special and inspire others. The HUB-Idea is a safe-haven for people preaching progress, have innovation as second nature, encourage others to step forward and share their ideas. The iconic customized design table & integrated special design seats create an intimate meeting place that literally embraces the participants. The HUB is produced by craftsman in local businesses in that way contributing to local economic development. Being seated in The HUB-Idea table you are WITHIN the process of innovation, WITHIN the brainstorm, WITHIN the discussion WITHIN the decision making process, and yes, WITHIN the happening. You are special!